This site is actually in the process of being translated to English language. In the meantime there will be a mix of German and English. But it´s all about pictures - so enjoy anyway!


In 2019 Ireland was all about having a rest from work for me. Best thing to do in such cases - heading to Achill and just stay there. I stayed twice on Achill in 2019 and pretty much at unusual times of the year - in February and in November. It may be a little bit lonesome during wintertime but it´s also very relaxing.


And when it comes to photography - every time of the year has it´s fascination on Achill. And as Achill is directly in the Atlantic ocean weather comes and goes quickly, so I had pretty much every kind of weather during that overall 5 weeks I spent on the Island. So enjoy the pictures - and visit Achill yourself - at any time of the year!