About me

My name is Paddy and I'm from Germany.


Paddys is quite an unusual name to have in Germany as it sound's so Irish. So I ended up visiting Ireland. I did this for the first time in 2005 and fell immediately in love with the Country and the people.


This love lasts forever as it seems as I visit Ireland ever since at least once a year. For the first years I travelled a lot around the Island and I saw a lot of things and places I liked. One place I particularly got to adore over the years is Achill Island in County Mayo. Nowadays I use to spent whole vacations on Achill Island and make daytrips from there. But roadtrips around the Island are not completely from my mind, Every now and then I´ll give it a go to update my memories.


On my trips the cameras are always nearby as I like to capture my memories and share them with other people like you! 


So enjoy the pics of Ireland here. If you have any questions about travelling to Ireland just contact me, I´m glad to help.